"Foreign trade gene" how does assist furniture enterprise to open domestic market


Shenzhen has always been a great competitive advantage with excellent manufacturing, even in the international reputation, furniture production is one of the most important. Lot of shenzhen furniture company has been engaged in foreign trade exports more than 20 years, reliable quality and lovely is the price of their core competitiveness, and now the trend is changing, in domestic furniture market demand growth of 30 years after the reform, gradually develop to be reckoned with spending power, which for many years engaged in foreign trade of shenzhen furniture enterprises is very attractive, "foreign trade" furniture enterprises in growing Numbers are beginning to try transformation, steady development in foreign markets at the same time, hope to build their own domestic furniture brand, this is a everyone choose compulsory courses.

The main reason is the growing maturity of the domestic market to attract enterprises to return

He Yongkai should be a number of foreign trade of furniture's most senior person in the pearl river delta, he ran, "Dr" brand has experienced more than ten years of change, at present this brand in Europe, including Italy, Germany, Finland, and many other countries with good reputation in the furniture industry, because in the high-end furniture production, the recent economic situation is not too much of a problem for him.

It was in this year, however, that Mr. He chose to "come back," founding a domestic furniture brand, Cino, in hopes of opening up the domestic market. "In fact, the most fundamental reason is the gap between domestic and foreign high-end furniture demand is getting smaller and smaller, in this premise, we should know that the domestic market development space is much larger." He Yongkai is outspoken, he found that after 30 years of development, the domestic furniture industry has developed rapidly, the market demand for middle and high-end furniture is increasing, and even a large number of imports, "But many of these imported furniture, we are made in China, why do we go around? That's the biggest attraction for us."

As a furniture enterprise with "foreign trade gene", He Yongkai is quite confident in the quality of its products.

The focus of brand building is changing

After he yongkai began to operate Hino, he found that past cooperation with foreign countries was easier, because the other side's design requirements are clear, and the same style of mass production.

But the domestic market needs to explore their own design needs, rich design levels. Therefore, He yongkai design team as a focus. For example, foreign sofa design more like metal elements, look modern, "cool", and domestic design to add more temperature wood elements.

"It's more important that we have a proposition and bring new concepts to the market." He Yongkai explained that in the years engaged in foreign markets, he himself also very appreciate the concept of sofa as a family leisure place, "sofa is not guests to play, or watch TV can only be used, good furniture will attract a family to get together, change the atmosphere of the family.

The distribution of domestic development channels is also key. This is the "professional field" of Eric, a furniture veteran. In the past ten years, he has successively built brands and opened channels for many well-known furniture brands such as Schuda. "There are different channels at home and abroad. Most foreign brands are specialty stores with individuality, emphasizing on quality and low prices, which shows that the market is mature, while domestic brands are dominated by hypermarkets with high rents." According to An investigation by Eric, the monthly rent of an outlet in Beijing is as high as 400 yuan per square meter. He believes that the important thing in channel construction is to change the past thinking of foreign trade, fully consider the situation of domestic dealers, from products to store decoration design, highlight features, so that they have the confidence to choose their own brand.

In his opinion, Sheeno, Jessica sofa and other brands are transformation of "graceful posture" enterprises, basically quickly found their own positioning, changed, "Jessica has done a great job in the circle of communication, from the property to the dealer and finally to the manufacturer salesman, formed a 'momentum', let the industry quickly notice them. Eric is analyzed.

Grasp of operational thinking of difficulties

Advantages and opportunities seem to give these foreign trade furniture enterprises with opportunities, but not all enterprises can successfully pass this course, in fact in the recent three years to try to transform the enterprise there are many failed cases.

"In fact, the failure of these enterprises is also rooted in their foreign trade genes." E ric analysis, many transformation while vowed to keep up with the trend of the domestic enterprises, but he didn't make fundamental changes in thinking, building the brand in the process of domestic needs from aspects of change of products, stores and dealer channels, many companies, however, still with the mode of cooperation with foreign clients, "such as transformation of many enterprises will push back the dealer profits to very low levels, but ultimately hurt their own sales channels, and eventually fall." Eric is analyzed.